Caley Hatch

Hello! My name is Caley Hatch. I am a mindset and business coach. I help passion fueled CEOs create a life they love through their businesses. My goal is to show my clients how limitless they truly are. With radical self belief and determination we are all capable of so much more than we once thought was possible. 

Ever since I was young I knew I was meant to do big things. As I got older I dreamed of owning a successful business, inspiring others and living a luxurious lifestyle. Even though I deeply knew that this was what I wanted, I felt embarrassed about my big dreams. I often felt like who was I to think I could achieve such ‘unrealistic’ goals? So I kept them mostly to myself and followed the route to success we were always taught. Get good grades, go to college, get a safe and well paying job. I tried that, but college and the traditional route to success was not for me. I ended up dropping out and felt like a complete failure. That’s because I had a deep belief that without a college degree I would not be able to do any of the things that I wanted. At that time in my life I really believed that things happened to me. That I had only a small amount of control over my circumstances and that what I was going throughI just had to deal with.

When I found the self development world and started to learn that my thoughts and beliefs created my reality my whole world shifted. By believing in myself and that my goals were not only achievable, but destined for me, everything changed. I created new beliefs that helped me take action towards the things I wanted instead staying small to avoid judgement and other uncomfortable things. I started my business, quit my 9-5 and started living life on my terms. Now through coaching I help other women who have that same knowing that they are meant for big things find their path. I help them build unwavering belief in themselves, rewrite old, limiting narratives and take actions towards living their dream life through their business. 

When we thrive in life being unapologetically ourselves we show others like us that it's safe and possible for them too. So don’t be selfish and go after what you really want even if it's uncomfortable along the way. I promise it will work out better than you could ever imagine.

Caley xx

Written by Holen Apparel

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