Founder and CEO of Holen Apparel

Imagine who you could be and what you could accomplish if you put aside fear?

In the infamous year of 2020, I got laid off and moved from the East Coast to the West Coast to live with family. After losing my job I felt immense frustration with where my career was going. I hated working a 9 to 5 office job doing something that didn't fulfill me.

For years I had a dream to start my own clothing company but I was scared to make it a reality. What if I wasn't qualified or smart enough? What if I don't have enough funds? What if it's hard and I fail? After wrestling with a tornado of "what if's" I realized that I'll never be ready to start a business. I'll never be ready to do anything in life actually. With that realization, I came to the conclusion that I should just go ahead and start anyways because waiting around to be "ready" would be a waste of time, right?

A couple of months later I started my clothing company. I was scared when I launched and still am a year in. I've come to peace with being scared and that's ok. If I would've waited to be "ready" and free of fear I would've never made my dream a reality. I'm not balling just yet but I love what I do and feel more fulfilled now than I've ever had in my career.

I guess what I'm saying is, don't let fear get in the way of starting something you've always wanted to do. Just do it scared!




Written by Sarah Hamilton

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