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Hello, everyone!

My name is Kendyll Trenary and I am the founder of Framework Interior Consulting. Framework is an interior consulting business founded on the sole belief that a beautifully decorated space is not just for multimillion-dollar homes or Fortune 500 companies. We source from inexpensive, but high-quality suppliers in order to create a budget-friendly space that is unique to each client.

Since I was a little girl, design and decor were always something that spoke to me. My mother and grandfather worked together flipping houses, and anytime I got to join them at a job site was like a day at Disneyland for me. I loved getting to see the design process, from walking through the demolition to watching the installation of cabinets, flooring, and lighting. My favorite part, though, was when everything was settled and my mom would start placing furniture and decor. Watching her mind work as she carefully placed things here and there brought out this unexplainable creativity in me, especially when she asked for my help.

For a long time, I was on a completely different path in life and had a vision for my future that just never felt right. It wasn’t until I received my Bachelor’s degree that it hit me that I needed to be doing what I had wanted to from the beginning. Starting Framework was both an exciting and scary process. I had to put myself out there in ways I never have before. Being an introvert, there was a lot of doubt in the beginning. Having to sell myself and my vision to people felt like it would be the most difficult task possible. And, to be honest, it still is some days. But, I couldn’t be happier that I made the leap and took a chance on myself. I encourage any person who has a dream or passion to do the same. Take that moment to reflect on what your 90-year-old self would be happy with. Put aside any insecurity and make the jump. We truly only have this one life to live and not spending every moment doing the things that you love is only doing a disservice to yourself! Wishing any person reading true happiness and success.

Xx, Kendyll T
Written by Holen Apparel

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