Iris and The Shade

Hi Holen Apparel Crew!

My name is Alex and I’m a singer, crafter, dog lover, and teacher in the making, from sunny Southern California. I’m a firm believer that your uniqueness is your superpower and that there is truly no one you-er than you! I feel that nowadays more than ever, finding a sense of pride in yourself and discovering what truly makes you happy is such an important aspect of being a healthy, content individual. Oftentimes, however, loving yourself and seeing the beauty in your own special way of moving through the world is difficult; especially given the world’s tendency to push us to compare and compete with one another. What I’ve found is that it's much easier to embrace what makes you uniquely bold and beautiful, than to constantly be shifting and altering yourself to fit someone else’s standard. What I’ve also noticed is that being the boldest, unique-est, you-est of you, also means not staying in situations that are hindering or hurting you, listening to that voice in your gut, and deciding to put faith in your gifts and ambitions above anyone else’s. That is something only YOU can do for you.

Simply put, my rules are:

1. Love the eccentric, distinct, quirky, unusual parts of yourself as soon as possible (because they’re the coolest parts)

2. Treat your soul like it's allergic to disrespect, environments, and people that don’t make you feel GOOD.

There have been many times in my life where I’ve had to walk away from situations that just didn’t feel like they were meant for me, and every time I have, I’m better for it. As of recently, I quit my job in the middle of this pandemic filled, unemployed, killer bees, world burning, dumpster fire of a year. What I realized was that while it was scary as H E double hockey sticks to be putting myself out there, without a guaranteed steady income, in the middle of very uncertain times, I was feeling almost sick to my stomach going into a job every week where I felt my skills and heart were being used to the benefit of bosses who didn’t have respect for their employees or any intention of paying them appropriately for the great deal of effort being exerted. I decided to stop caring so much about keeping someone else’s yacht afloat and put a little more TLC into my rowboat. Now I’m working a new job for an employer who works harder than anyone I’ve seen, I’m starting a new business that lets me explore my creativity and unique view of the world, and my stomach only hurts now when I’ve eaten too much triple creamed brie. In essence, I chose to embrace what I knew was right for me, and for that, I feel BOLD.

Al ;)



Written by Holen Apparel

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