Sarah Hamilton, Founder & CEO of Holen Apparel

From a young age, I've always loved fashion and how it gives you the ability to express who you are in an outward way.

Being number seven out of eight kids living in Orange County, CA we didn't have extra income to spend on the latest trends so we rocked hand-me-downs. I remember one not so awesome day in middle school when I wore my favorite flannel jacket with a gray hoodie. This jacket was my older sister's and when I wore it I felt like a total California skater kid. When I showed up to class, the kids called me "farmer Holen" because the style of the jacket looked like something a farmer would wear (according to them). After that, I never wore it again.

I wanted to share this middle school memory because, at that time, I valued people's opinions more than expressing my true style. It wasn't until college that I overcame that unnecessary limitation and started to wear what I wanted. I felt free from the worry of staying up to date on the latest trends and name brands. I wore what I loved and that was enough for me.

Fashion is about wearing what makes you feel like your true self, it has no limitations, no age limits, and no rules. So go ahead and wear that flannel!


Written by Sarah Hamilton

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