The Little Reason
"Precision is built on a foundation of passion." That's what I have been telling myself over the last 2 years since starting my self care goods company called The Little Reason. Creating this brand made me realize that while I hardly knew anything about how to own a business myself; what I do know for certain is that I have so much love for this little company that the knowledge and precision of being a business owner will come with determination, time, and effort. You can learn business but you can't be taught to love what you do. 
Any moment of doubt I reground myself in that foundation which my business is planted in, passion. I am reminded that I started a company with care, because I want to give something to the world, not because I want the world to give something to me. 
Over time I have learned a lot about running a product based business not only with diligent research but also from the helping hand and generosity of fellow small business owners and the like. The community you surround yourself and business with is absolutely crucial. The right people WANT to see you succeed. 
Give them a show, and keep shining bright with passion. 
- Sydnie
Written by Holen Apparel

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